What's New in Webhelp in 2022

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What's New in Webhelp in 2021




NextGen updates:

  • Updated screenshots on the Add New Employees to reflect the addition of the Work Location Address field under the Tax section.
  • Updated screenshots and added information to the field definition table to explain the addition of the new Work Location Address drop-down and the Work Location State/City read-only field on the Employee > Tax Details page.
  • Updated the Department / Position page to reflect the addition of the new Work State field and added field definitions for each section.
  • Updated the Smart Search page to reflect the addition of the Load More button.


Time Management updates:


Updated the following pages to reflect the addition of the Add Amount Functionality:


New pages added to Time Management for the Add Amount functionality.



The Payentry Mobile App section has been updated to reflect the changes that came out with the version 2.2 release.


Employee - edited screenshots and included information about the newly added ability to edit contacts, deductions, and direct deposit accounts.

Time Management - edited screenshots and added new pages to add instructions about the newly added ability to request time off, view time off balances, and view existing time off requests.



We've updated the NextGen Company Bank Accounts and Employee Direct Deposit deposit pages to reflect the masked account numbers.


Also added the ESS Status Indicator to help employees understand the new statuses.


Note: Added new pages for adding and editing taxed for Company Go



and Employee:



April - July

We have been working on making webhelp more accessible by adding alt text and hover text to our images, starting with the Payentry® NextGen section.




The following M3 pages have been updated:



The following My Payentry® page has been updated:


Added pages for the Individual Reports for NextGen's Company Reports:




The pages for the new Payentry® Mobile App have been published:





  • Release Note pages have been switched over to the new year 2022. Release Notes for the year 2021 can be found here: Release Notes for 2021.