What's New in Webhelp in 2023


This topic lets you know what has been added or modified to MPAY’s WebHelp site—its revision history, so to speak. To jump to this page, simply click the following icon in the toolbar:

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To see updates for the previous year, see: What's New in Webhelp in 2022



The The Payentry® App 2.3 How-To Guide had been updated, please find the 1.2 version on the How-To Guides page.




New pages have been added to the Millennium® section of webhelp to help explain how-to install and setup the new .NET Process Server and Sync V2.


Millennium.NET Installer


Other new pages include:


The following existing pages have been updated as well:



Webhelp release note pages and What's New page updated for 2023!