Time Management Notes 2022

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Payentry Time Management Version 1.54 Release Notes



New Functionality:

  • Add Additional Amounts
  • Added Additional Amount Data to the Employee Timecard Report
  • Added Additional Amounts to Punch or Hours for Global Edits
  • Added an 'Add Amount' Button to the Timecard Table
  • Added New 'Can Add Amount' Privilege
  • Added New Additional Amount Summary Section on Timecard
  • Added New Amount Fields to the Add Punch Dialog
  • Added New Amount Fields to the Kiosk Clock
  • Added New Amount Fields to the Punch In / Out Button
  • Added New Pay Type Attribute

Bug Fixes and Updates:

  • Fixed - 'Undefined NaN' Issue on Time Off Calendar for Firefox Users
  • Fixed - Overnight Department Change Issue
  • Fixed - Supervisor Comment Overwriting Employee Time Off Comment
  • Removed the 'Go To Payroll' Button
  • Updated the 'Send Hours to Payroll' Process to Support Additional Amounts

Payentry Time Management

Version 1.49 Release Notes



  • Added New Ability to Show Employee-Specific Job Codes