Payentry® NextGen Release Notes 2021

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Payentry® NextGen Version 1.25



  • Added a New Jobs Section Under Employee Profile
  • Added Ability to Release / Unrelease Tax Forms by Type
  • Company Level Employee Self-Service Account Resets
  • The Employee Termination Wizard Now Termination Requires Reason
  • Fixed Issue with Insurance Codes not Displaying on Employee Level
  • Fixed Deduction Issue on Calculate Check
  • Fixed Department Column on Manual Check Page
  • Fixed Issue with Employee Browsing When Last Name is Null
  • Fixed Online Tax Form Review Year Change Issue
  • Set Default for Submitted 2020 W4 Checkbox to True on the Add Employee Page
  • Set Default for Submitted 2020 W4 Checkbox to True on the Add Employee Tax Page

Payentry® NextGen Version 1.24



  • Added Ability to Search Job / Department Columns on the Edit Check Details Page by Code and Description
  • Added CStoreroom as an Option to the Object Menu for Record Security
  • Added Search to the 'Add an Item' Menu on the Edit Check Details Page
  • Added Search to the 'Add Code' Menu on the Manual Check Page
  • Edit Check Page to Display Active Accruals Only
  • Employee Gender to Default to Blank
  • Fixed Issue with Filtering by the 'Not Set' Employment Type for ACAClosed Affordable Care Act Coverage Bulk Update
  • Fixed Issue with the Calculation Error on Employee Labor Allocation
  • Fixed Issue with the Save and Close Button on the Employee ACA Coverage Page
  • New Enter Wages Page is Now Default for New Users
  • Updated the Job / Department Column on the Edit Check Details Page
  • Updated the Size of the Edit Check Details Page
  • Updated Warning Message for the Nivelo Service

Payentry® NextGen Version 1.23



Important Development Tags

  • Fixed the Tax Form Preview Issue
  • Redis Session Management

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  • Fixed the Benefits Error Caused by Updating User Security

Payentry® NextGen Version 1.22



Important Development Tags

  • Added Support for 1099-NEC Tax Forms

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