Payentry® NextGen Release Notes for 2020


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Payentry® NextGen Version 1.18



Important Development Tags

  • Forced Logout Issue Fixed
  • QuickBooks Integration to Return up to 1000 Records

Development Tags

  • Ability to Hide the 'Home Dep' Column on the New Enter Wages Screen
  • Autocomplete on the Edit Check Details' 'Add an Item' Field
  • Employee List - Dept/ID Sorting
  • Employee List - Dept/Name Sorting Fixed


On the new Enter Wages screen, the auto save interval has been increased from one minute to ten minutes. Data entered prior to the auto save event will still be saved should you decide to navigate away from the Enter Wages screen, but it is always advisable to 'Save and Calculate' before leaving this page.

Payentry® NextGen Version 1.17



Development Tags

  • Ability to Use Either SSN or EIN for Employees
  • Added a 'Deferral' Column to the Company Tax Screen
  • Added a 'Disconnect From QuickBooks' Button
  • Automatic Calculation on the Edit Check Details Screen
  • Company Level Support for Negative Autopay Amounts
  • Cursor Placement on the Edit Check Details Screen
  • Employee 'Age' Calculation Fixed
  • Employee Level for Support for Negative Autopay Amounts
  • Employee List - Department Sorting Fixed
  • Ethnicity Display with No Set Value Fixed
  • Sorting of the Agency List on the Fringe Screen Updated

Payentry® NextGen Version 1.16



Important Development Tags

  • QuickBooks Online Integration

Development Tags

  • CMS PBJ Generated Zip File Name Updated
  • Link to Secure Document Manager Fixed

Payentry® NextGen Version 1.15



Important Development Tags

  • Ability to View Employee Summary When Editing Check
  • New COVID-19 Assistance Page
  • New Sub-Category Filter on the Employee Page
  • Updated Status Type Filter on the Employee Page

Other Development Tags

  • Ability to Edit Time Management Service Properties
  • CMS PBJ Updated
  • Corrected W4 Fields Descriptions on the Add New Employee Page
  • Multi-Column Sorting on the Employee List
  • Resolved Issue with Enabling Portal Access for Rehired Employees
  • Resolved Issue with Enter Wages Auto Pay Column Sorting

Payentry® NextGen Version 1.14



Important Development Tags

  • Added Ability to Create CMS PBJ Files
  • Added an Items per Page Selection and Search to Company Departments Page
  • Added an Items per Page Selection and Search to Company Jobs Page
  • Fixed Check Calculation Warning
  • Fixed Employee Benefits Page Loading Issue
  • Fixed Online Tax Forms Setup Loading Issue
  • Fixes Issue with Ability to Add PSD Codes for Pennsylvania Taxes
  • Removed Transition Relief Options From Company Certification of Eligibility ACAClosed Affordable Care Act Setup
  • Updated W4 Field Labels on the Employee Tax Details Page
  • Work State No Longer Required When Adding Non-W2 Employees
  • Work State No Longer Required When Editing Non-W2 Employees

Important Tax Development Tags

  • Added a 2020 W-4 Submitted check box for SITWND Taxes
  • Added New W4 Fields to FITW when Adding Tax to Existing Employees