Payentry® NextGen Release Notes

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Payentry® NextGen Version 1.13



Updates and Fixes:

  • Adding Tax to 3PSP No Longer Closes Check Window
  • Email Address Labels Updated to be Consistent Across Platform
  • Labor Allocation Warning Fix
  • Added Ability to Select Email Address when Using ESS Bulk Update

W-4 Updates:

  • Add New Employee Page Updated for the 2020 W-4 Changes
  • Employee Tax Details Edit Menus Updated for the 2020 W-4 Changes
  • FITW Exemptions will not be Displayed on Employee Snapshot

In Progress* Features:

  • Ability to Enable or Disable Paystub Notifications for Multiple Payroll Batches
  • Ability to Enable or Disable Paystub Notifications on the Add New Batch Menu
  • Ability to Enable or Disable Paystub Notifications on the Check Attribute Details Menu
  • Ability to Enable or Disable Paystub Notifications on the Restart Batch Menu
  • Ability to Enable or Disable Paystub Notifications on the Start Payroll Menu

* While this functionality is visible, it will not be fully functional until a future NextGen release.

Payentry® NextGen Version 1.12



  • Added Ability to Send Tax Form Announcements to Active Employees
  • Added Link to Payroll Summary Report on the Last Payroll Widget
  • Added Permissions for Viewing/Editing of Payroll Groups
  • Delete Company User Confirmation Dialog Updated
  • Fixed Issue Setting Incorrect Start and End Date Values During Manual Check Creation
  • Fixed Issue with New Checks Loading Properly on the Check Detail Page
  • Fixed Record Security Visibility for Company Users
  • Fixed Rehire Wizard Termination Date Issue
  • Fixed Tabbing on the New Enter Wages Page

Payentry® NextGen Version 1.11



  • Added Save Changes Dialog to Company Deductions Taxability Page
  • Fixed Issue with FITW/SITW Override Percentages Not Saving Properly
  • Fixed Issue with Job Codes Not Displaying Properly
  • Fixed Issue with Terminated Employees Being Added to New Hire Reporting
  • Overdue Payrolls Widget to Reflect User's Access
  • Start Payroll - Payroll Options to Automatically Save Changes

Payentry® NextGen Version 1.10



Important New Features and Enhancements

  • Ability to Search in Job Code and Department Menus by Description and Code
  • Broadcast Message Page + Message Window Updated
  • Duplicate Deduction Code Warning Message
  • Employee Navigation in Edit Check Details Updated
  • Employee Self-Service Bulk Error Message Updated
  • Fields to Automatically Populate when an Employee Position is Selected
  • Fixed Check Calculation and Enter Wages Grid UI Issues
  • Payrolls To Process This Week Widget Updated
  • Pre-Employment Screening Service
  • Rehire Wizard Changes and Enhancements
  • Report Writer Page Updated
  • Resolved Issue with Javascript/Layout Breaking on Edit Check Details Page When Moving to Next Employee
  • SecureView Tree View Order Updated
  • Termination Wizard

Miscellaneous Fixes and Enhancements

  • Configure how Payentry® Searches in Job Code and Department Dropdowns
  • Filtering Options on New Enter Wages Grid Updated
  • Fixed Issue with Employee Snapshot Rate Information for Hourly Employees
  • Fund Not Selected in EEClosed short for "employee" 401k Error Message
  • Layout of Edit Check Details Page Updated
  • Order of Buttons Rearranged on New Enter Wages Page
  • Resolved Issue with Updating Automatically Enrolled Employees on the ESS Bulk Update Page
  • Resolved UI Issues on the Check Attributes Page


Payentry® NextGen Version 1.9



Important New Features

  • New Enter Wages Page
  • Added Ability to Arrange Columns on the New Enter Wages Page
  • Login Page Branding and Customized Logos
  • Ability to Add 1099 Contractors to Payentry® without Taxes
  • Ability to Add Default Pay Grid Items
  • Added an 'Obsolete' Option for Company Accruals
  • Added an 'Obsolete' Option for Company Departments
  • Added an 'Inactive' Option for Job Codes
  • Added User-Level Record Security Configuration
  • Employee Labor Allocation Error Messages Updated
  • Fix to Prevent Record Filtering from Interfering with Enter Wages Item Count
  • Navigation Breadcrumbs Added to Page Headers
  • Show/Hide Active Items Only Fix
  • UI Issues with Customize Check Page Fixed
  • Updated Defaults for Employee List Page
  • Updated Pay Rate Display on Employee Snapshot for Hourly Employees

Miscellaneous Fixes and Enhancements

  • Accrual Transactions Don't Show When Current Plan Year Selected Issue Fixed
  • Company Level Confirmation Dialog Formatting Updated
  • Current Check Date to Determine Status of Time Import Service
  • Delete Confirmation Dialogs Updated on Security Pages
  • Fixed Issue Blocking Use of Employee Self-Service with Education Page Blocked
  • Left-hand Navigation Bar Fixes
  • Special Characters Prohibited from Pay Grid Items Code Field
  • Spelling and Formatting Issues Corrected in Rehire Wizard
  • Sporadic Error Calculating Employee Paychecks Fixed
  • Time Management Access Page Bug Fixed
  • Updated Employee Accrual Window Formatting
  • Updated Formatting for Delete Confirmation Dialogs on Employee Pages

Payentry® NextGen Version 1.8



Important Development Tags

  • Added a Time Management Access Page
  • Buttons Disabled While Requests are In-Process
  • Emergency Contact Phone Validation Fixed
  • Employee Snapshot Basic Information Section Updated
  • Issue with Multi-Company Users Access to Hire and Onboarding Resolved
  • Negative Check Numbers Not Allowed
  • Removed "Reset Link Code" Button in Employee Self-Service Setup

Miscellaneous Development Tags

  • Changed Default Behavior of the Value Type Column in Pay Grid Item Setup
  • Confirmation Dialogs Updated
  • Employee Accruals Balance Issue Fixed
  • Employee Direct Deposit Section Updated
  • Error Message on the Online Tax Form Review Page Enhanced
  • Hyperlink to Privacy Page Updated
  • Login Page Field-Text Updated
  • Minor UI Fixes