Using Time Management as an Administrator

Time Management includes default administrator configuration that allows users access to all functionality. Administrative users can, for example, approve and deny time off requests, create employee schedules, create new employee accounts, and so on. However, if you do not want all administrators to access the same functionality, or wish to create more nuanced users, you can do so. For more information, see Users, Roles, and Privileges.

This section describes all the features that can be applied to administrative users. If you do not have access to functionality described in this section, you may need to add it to the role. For more information, see Assign Privileges to a Role.

Each employee has a specified job code used to identify the employee's role in the company. A default job code is specified on the Employee and when the employee punches in, they can select a different job code if they perform a different duty.

When you log into Time Management as an administrative user, you see the screen bellow.

Image of the Admin version of the Time Management app, showing the Home tab, that lists all the employees added to the company.

The sections are organized by the tabs at the top of the Administrator View. These sections are described in Table 3-23, with links for further information.

Table 3-23: Administrative User Tabs
Heading Description
Home Lists all employees that report to the administrator and their most recent punches in or out, along with any infractions the employee has on his or her account.
Timecard Displays an individual employee's timecard and lists all punches made by the employee for the current pay period. Can be viewed for any employee that reports to the administrator.
Reports Generates various types of reports.
Employee Displays employee information for reference.
Time Off Generates requests for paid time off, submits them for approval, and allows the administrator to approve or deny the requests.
Schedule Displays the employee schedules and allows an administrative user to create new master schedules to apply to multiple employees.
Payroll Tab Process and send payroll to Payentry® through an integrated process or export it as a .csv file to be imported to Millennium® 3 for processing.
Security Allows the administrator to create new users and roles, assign privileges, and import users from Payentry®.
Policy View and manage policies for your company and the sets of rules that comprise them.
Admin Allows the administrator to configure a number of Time Management functions, including pay processing groups, pay types, and pay calendars.
Clocks Manages the external devices that interface with Time Management.
Global Edits Allows the administrator to make edits to all employees in the Time Management system.