Time Management

Time Management is web-based time tracking software developed by MPAY that records, manages, analyzes, and schedules employee time. Through the Time Management application, employees can punch in and out, make requests for time off, view their schedules, and manage their timecards. Administrative users, i.e. managers and supervisors, have access to a more expanded set of functionality such as creating employee schedules, approving paid time off requests, viewing multiple employees' timecards, and determining employee access.

Time Management is highly customizable. For information on the difference of functionality between administrative users and employees, see Employees vs Administrators.

You can create multiple administrator roles that have access to different sections of Time Management functionality. Likewise, you can do the same to employees. For more information, see Users, Roles, and Privileges.

If you are an employee, detailed information about the functionality you have access to can be found at Using Time Management as an Employee. If you are an administrator, the information about the functionality you can access can be found Using Time Management as an Administrator .

Image of the Time Managment Home page for Admins, showing all the available tabs, and a list of all the employees added to the company.

Using Time Management as an Employee

Using Time Management as an Admin

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