Update Multiple Employees' Portal Access

You can update your employees' access to ESS or My Payentry® in bulk. To do so:


  1. Go to Company > Company Setup > EEClosed short for "employee" Bulk Update.

Image of the EE Bulk update page where users can update My Payentry access for multiple employees at once.

  1. Select ESS (My Payentry®) from the Portal drop-down menu.
  1. Select Portal Status for Filter 1 and a value for Value 1.
  2. Select the employees to update using the check box to the left of ID column. Or you could click on Update All Records to update all existing records for the filters you chose.

Image of the table on the EE Bulk Update page that lists employees, their status, access, etc for ESS as well as a check box that allows you to select employees to update from the list.

  1. Click Update Selected Records, a Bulk Update ESS Portal Records dialog opens.

Image of the Bulk Update ESS Portal Records dialog where you can select which records to update, whether to update acess level, or include a welcome letter, notes, and where to send notifications.

Note:  The (# records) are statuses of the employees you selected from the table. Clicking the Record link displays all employees that match that condition.

  1. Select the action to apply to the employees from the Status drop-down menu. All employees under the same status receive the same value.

  2. Change Access Level if necessary.
  3. If Adding Users: Specify if your employees receive their welcome message by email or don't receive any.
  4. Optional. Enter any notes. These notes display in the employee notes section on the Employee Portal Access Bulk Update Screen.
  5. Select whether to send the notification to the employees work or personal email address. The system will indicate if any employees are missing either email on their record with a message in the parenthesis (# records missing value), if you click on the link the system will display the list of employees who don't have emails on their record.
  6. Click OK. The employees have all been updated.


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