The Company Departments section allows you to define the various organization levels that make up your company. On this screen, you define organization labels that contain a number of departments. For example, you could define a Software Development organization level, and then define the various development teams under it as departments.


Payentry® allows you to define up to five organization levels. Level 1 is the highest level in the company and Level 5 is the lowest.


Note: A company must have at least one level. Therefore, if a company is subdivided into departments only, you would define Level 1 as Department and leave all other levels blank.

If you have a lot of departments, the Search Department Level box allows you to quickly find the department you need on the current department level, it does not search across all department levels.


Image of the Departments section in Company Profile Setup


The Add Company Department and the View/Edit dialog:


Image of the Company Departments dialog


Table 2-544: Department name and Address Section Fields
Field Description
Name Name of the department.
Name on Checks Name used to represent the department on checks.
Code A short identifier for the department within the system. For example: Marketing = MRK.
Obsolete Check box that allows you to mark a department as obsolete. Obsolete departments will not appear in the department grid when the Show Active Items Only check box is selected. These items will also be unavailable to select in Payroll, when creating pay grid items, and when adding employees or updating employee department assignments.
Address 1, 2 Street address or P.O. box of the department.
City Name of the city in which the department is located.
State State in which the department is located.
Zip  ZIP Code of the department.
County County in which the department is located.

Country in which the department is located.

Use this address on face of check Check box to select the address as the one that would appear on a check.
Rate Multiplier applied to the rate. Mutually exclusive with Rate Code.
Rate Code Preset rate value. Mutually exclusive with Rate.
Shift Shift the department uses.
WCC Workers' compensation code.