View Previous Paychecks

  1. Go to My Payentry®.
  2. Click on the Pay History icon or to view paychecks for a specific year or check date, hover over Pay History on the side menu until it expands and make a selection.

Image of an extended Pay History menu

  1. Click on the year or check date that you wish to view paychecks for, you are taken to the page with the list of paychecks.

Image of the Pay History page with a list of checks

  1. Find the paycheck you want to see details for, you may have to scroll through the list.
  2. Click on the paycheck row to see details for it within the My Payentry®; OR

Note: The amount of details you see on this page depends on your company's configurations.

Image of a Paycheck Details example on the Payhistory page

  1. Click on the Adobe symbol (icon of a page with the cursive A) to view it as a PDF document.


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