Enroll in Online Tax Forms

If your company is configured to allow you to view your tax forms online, you can then elect to do so through My Payentry®. This option is only available if your company has enabled it. To enroll in online tax forms:

  1. Log into My Payentry®.
  2. Go to Employee.

Image of the Employee Button that opens the Employee Page in MyPayentry

  1. Click on Go to your Online Tax Form Enrollment.

Image of the Online Tax Form Enrollment section

  1. Click on the toggle to change your enrollment status. The Online Tax Forms Enrollment agreement message opens.

Image of the Change Your Enrollment Status for Mpay Inc

  1. Read the Online Tax Forms Enrollment agreement entirely.

Image of the Online Tax Forms Enrollment Agreement w

  1. Check the agreement box at the end of the enrollment agreement if you agree to the terms described.

Image of the I have read and agree to the terms described above check box

  1. Optional. Select the I can view PDF files box to be able to see the tax forms online in PDF format. You may preview what that looks like by clicking the sample PDF.

Image of the I can view PDF files instructions and check box

  1. Click Ok to complete enrollment. If the enrollment was successful, the following message displays at the top of the page.

Image of the Enrollment Success Message


Now that you have enrolled, you can view any of your tax forms that your company has generated and posted online.

Anytime your enrollment status changes, you are sent a notification via e-mail. You can view your tax forms online in the My Documents section when they become available.