Password Recovery


  1. Go to the My Payentry® sign in page.
  2. Click on the Need help signing in? link, the Forgot Your Password? page opens.

Image of the Payentry sign in screen with the Need help signing in? link highlighted with a red square.

  1. Type in the email address associated with you account.

Image of the Forgot Your Password? dialog where you must enter your email address where you will recieve a link to reset your password, then click the Submit or Cancel button.

  1. Click Submit. The Check Your Email page opens.
  2. Go to your email account.
  3. Open an email from with a subject Reset Password.

Image of Reset Password email that provides you with the Reset Your Password button that you must press to begin the reset your password process.

  1. Click on the Reset Your Password button. The Enter Your Security Code page opens.
  2. Enter an authentication code using your preferred authentication method.

Image of Enter Your Security Code where you must enter a security code you recieve and then click Verify Code button

  1. Click Verify Code. The Change Password page opens.
  2. Enter a new password and then confirm password. Make sure that the Password Strength meter shows at least 'Strong' as an indicator, never settle for anything less to avoid future security issues. For tips on how to create a strong password click on the Secure Password Tips link.

Note: We recommend that you use mix of these characters: uppercase letters (A), lowercase letters (b), numbers (9), symbols ( #) ; and be at least 14 characters long.

Image of the Change Password dialog that requires you to enter and confirm a new password and then click the Change Password button to complete the action.

  1. Click Change Password. The success redirect page opens.

Image of the password change success dialog that provides a Sign In Now button so you can sign into your account.

You may now sign into your account with your new password.