Create a New My Payentry® Account

To create an account on My Payentry®, your administrator must first enable your access.

Note: For more information for administrators, see Enable MyPayentry® for Employees in NextGen.

After your administrator enables your access, you will receive an email with a link that you need in order to create your login credentials.

There are a few steps involved in signing into My Payentry® for the first time because that is when you are asked to set up security for your account. In order to protect your information, you are asked to set up two-factor authentication and download backup recovery codes during account creation.

There are four steps all together:


Important: The website will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity. If you have to step away or lose a session while signing up, you may sign back in and resume from the point that you left off - as long as you have gotten past the Create Your Account page and created a username and password to sign in with. Also, if you signed up using a different email than the one where your account invitation was sent, you must first Confirm Your Email before attempting sign in- a Confirmation email would be sent to the email you entered during account creation.


Step 1: Create Your Account
  1. Go to your email and open a message from titled "Welcome To My Payentry".

Note: The email will most likely be the one that your employer has on record for you or your work email.

  1. Click on the Create an Account button inside the email, your default internet browser opens to the Create Your Account page. This is a unique link, please do not share it with anyone else.

Image of the WElcome to My Payentry email that lets you know you've been invited to join the site by clicking on the Accept Invitation button

  1. Enter an Email Address - we recommend using a personal email address, so that in the event you leave your company – and no longer have access to your company email account – you do not have a lapse in access to your personal employment information in case you need to reset your password or two-factor authentication.

Your email address will also be your username.

Image of the Create Your Account dialog where you asked to enter your email, first and last name, phone number, and password.

  1. Enter your First and Last Name as they appear on your employee record.
  2. Enter a Phone Number that you wouldn't mind receiving authentication codes on.
  3. Enter a Password. Make sure that the Password Strength meter shows at least 'Strong' as an indicator, never settle for anything less to avoid future security issues. For tips on how to create a strong password click on the Secure Password Tips link.

Important: You password has be 14 characters or longer.

Note: We recommend that you use a mix of these characters: uppercase letters (A), lowercase letters (b), numbers (9), symbols ( #) to create your password.

Image of the secure password tips.

  1. Double check all information and then click Continue.
Step 2: Secure Your Account (Select Your Authentication Method)

Two-Factor Authentication provides an extra layer of security for your account to keep your personal information safe. It requires you to enter a Security Code in addition to your username and password when you sign in to make sure only you can access your account. There are three authentication methods to choose from to generate and receive a Security Code.

  1. Select a two-factor authentication method to use to receive your Security Codes:
  • Authenticator App - TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Password) apps such as Authy, Google Authenticator, or Microsoft Authenticator generate a random Security Code every 30 seconds. Authentication apps are the most secure Two-Factor option and do not require cell service to work. This is the recommended authentication method.
  • Text - Security Codes are sent by text message to your phone. This method is dependent on your cellphone provider and 3rd party services to deliver your Security Code. Messaging rates may apply.
  • Call - Security Codes are sent by a phone call during which an automated voice recites the Security Code to you. This method is dependent on your phone provider and 3rd party services to deliver your Security Code.

Image of step 2 of securing your account where you select one of three options to use as an authentication method: app, text, or call.


Step 3: Secure Your Account (Enter Security Code)
  1. Enter the Security Code you should have gotten using one of the authentication methods. If you chose: 
    • Authenticator App: Scan the QR Code shown on the screen using your preferred Authenticator App and then enter the provided Security Code in the Enter Security Code field.
      Image of the secure your account QA Code scan dialog with an enter security code field and back and continue buttons
  • Text:  A text message has been sent to the phone number provided on the Registration page. If you do not wish to use that phone number for text messages, click the Change Phone Number link to enter a new phone number. Enter the code you received in the test message into the Enter Security Code field.

    Image of Step 3 of Secure Your Account dialog where you enter the Security Code your recieve can press either the Back or Continue button
  • Call: Answer the call that you receive, it will mostly likely be from an Unknown Number, a few moments after you select the call option. An automated voice will ask you to press 1 to receive your code and after you press 1, it will recite the code to you. Enter the code you receive into the Enter Security Code field.
    Image of Step 3 of Secure Your Account dialog where you enter the Security Code your recieve can press either the Back or Continue button


  1. Click Continue after you enter the security code to proceed to the 4th step:


Step 4: Backup Recovery Codes

If you lose access to your phone or get a new phone number, you will need one of these one-time use Recovery Codes to access your Payentry account.

Keep these recovery codes somewhere safe but accessible.


  1. Select to either Copy, Save, or Print buttons to save your Recovery Codes.
  • Copy - the codes into a Word or Notepad, don't forget to save - preferably in a secure, password protected folder.
  • Save - the codes will download in a Text Document to your computer's designated Downloads folder under the name payentry-recovery-codes. Please make sure to move the document to a more secure location on your computer, preferably a password protected folder.
  • Print - opens the Print dialog for your computer. Once you print the page, please make sure to keep it in a secure location.

Image of the Backup Recovery Codes dialog where you need to click either Copy, Save, or Print to save the codes on your computer. Then select the Confirmation check box before clicking continue.

  1. Select the Confirmation field to verify that you have saved the Recovery Codes in some fashion. The Continue button becomes enabled.
  2. Click Continue.


If you created your new account with the same email that the account creation invitation was sent to, you are all set! You may proceed to Sign Into My Payentry® for the First Time.


However, if you created your account with a different email than the one the invitation was sent to, please proceed to the next section, Confirm Your Email.


Confirm Your Email

If you decided to connect your account to a different email address than the one your Account Invitation had been sent to, you will be required to confirm that email once you reach the last step of the account creation process, or if at any point you lost your session or had to step away, before you can access your account.

Image of the Email Verification Required dialog that lets your know that you need to confirm your email before being able to sign into your account.

Please open the email that was sent to the address you entered during Step 1: Create Your Account and click the Confirm Email button to confirm your email.


Image of the Confirm Your Payentry Account email which lets you know that you need to click on the Confirm Email button to be able to access your account.

Once you click Confirm Email, you are ready to Sign Into My Payentry® for the First Time.