Enable MyPayentry® (ESS) for Individual Employees

While your employees may have previously created a My Payentry® account, they do not have access to your company until you enable them in Payentry® NextGen. You can do this for both a single employee and in bulk. For more information, see Update Multiple Employees' Portal Access. To do so for a single employee:


  1. Go to Company > Employees > Employee whose information you want to edit.

Note: Alternatively, you may also type the employee's name into the smart search bar and select their name from the guess list. You are taken to their profile.

  1. Hover over Employee Profile, on the menu bar, click on Employee Self-Service.
  1. Click on Add Self-Service Access, an Add Self-Service Access dialog comes up.

  1. Select the level of access you want the employee to have from the Access Level drop-down, your options are: full or limited access.

  1. Select whether you want to notify the user about being granted access; if Yes, type in their email address.
  1. Click Save Changes to enable Self-Service access for the employee.


A Welcome email is sent to the employee letting them know that they can sign up for My Payentry®. For more information, see: My Payentry® For Employees.


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