Update Multiple Employees' Portal Access

You can update your employees' access to My Payentry® in bulk. To do so:


  1. Go to Main Menu > Company Setup > EEClosed short for "employee" Bulk Update > EE Portal Access Bulk Update.

  1. Select ESS (My Payentry®) from the Portal drop-down menu.
  2. Enter any filters and values to narrow down the list of displayed employees.
  3. Select the employees to update using the check box to the left of ID column.

  1. Click Update Selected Records, a dialog opens.

Note:  The Records are statuses of the employees you selected from the table. Clicking the Record link displays all employees that match that condition.

  1. Select the action to apply to the employees from the Status drop-down menu. All employees under the same status receive the same value.
  2. Change Access Level if necessary.
  3. If Adding Users: Specify the method by which your employees receive their welcome message.
  4. Optional. Enter any notes. These notes display on the employee notes section on the Employee Portal Access Bulk Update Screen.
  5. Click OK. The employees have all been updated.