Request Time Off in the Payentry® App



  1. Open and sign into the Payentry® app.
  2. Go to the Time Management page.

  1. Tap on the Time Off tab.

  1. Use the < arrows > on the side of the current month display to change the month on the calendar. The page updates to the appropriate calendar

  1. Tap once on a date on the calendar that you want to take off. You may select multiple dates at once. A Time Off Requested Dates section appears.

  1. Use the Hours field to type in how many hours you want to take off for the day. If you do not enter a number of hours, the system will use the default number of hours for a day, which depends on the company's setting. The Balance indicates how much time-off you have available to take-off. If you request more than an available balance you may get an error when you attempt the submit the request.

  1. Select the Time Off Code for the day(s) off from the drop-down menu.

  1. Optional. Type in a comment explaining the need for the time-off request.
  2. Tap on the Submit button. A success dialog appears to let you know the request has been successful.


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