View Timecard

The Timecard page lists the date and the time of the in and out punches, infractions, pay type, and the total sum of hours for the week. If you tap on a specific date, you can see more information for that day, including: day total and pay period total hours, Time In and Time Out, department, job, and hours per pay type.


At this time, the Timecard is view only. However, if you are an employee who enters their own hours you can still do so from the web version of Time Management and the changes will sync over. If you do not have editing ability on the web either, please contact your manager for any corrections in case of errors.


If your hours aren't tracked, for example, if you're a salaried employee, the Timecard details table appears blank.


If you scroll down past the Timecard Details, you'll see the Hours Summary for each week, and a View Hours By summary. You can also select to View Hours by different departments or by job.