Punch In and Out with the Mobile App

These instructions include steps for facial recognition verification. If your employer has not enabled facial recognition, please skip those steps.


You should be at your Clock app device.

  1. Enter your Clock ID number.

  1. Tap Enter, the Punch page opens.
  1. Optional: Select a Department if you are punching into a department that is not your default department.

  1. Optional: Select your Job Code if you are punching into a job that is not your default job.
  2. Tap Submit to punch in. A confirmation message comes up if your punch was successful.

Note: If your employer has IP restrictions on, you will only be able to punch in from an employer approved location.

You can Punch Out using the same steps. The app determines if the punch is in or out based on the previous punch recorded in the system. In case of errors, please speak with your administrator.