Add a New Direct Deposit Account in the Payentry® App

Note: The Edit function is only available if your Admin turned it as a function for your company's My Payentry®.

  1. Open and sign into the Payentry® app.
  2. Go to the Employee page.

  1. Scroll down to the Direct Deposit section.

  1. Tap on the + Add Account link, the Edit Account page opens.

  1. Select an Account Type you want to add from the Account Type drop-down.
  2. Enter the Account Number and the ABA Routing number.
  3. Enter an Amount of the pay check you want deposited to this account. If this is the only account you will have, leave it as it is; if you are going to have multiple deposit accounts:
    1. Select Payment Type from the drop-down menu
      • Flat Dollar Amount or remainder- A specified dollar amount ($100) or, if your net pay is being deposited into multiple accounts, then the remaining net pay amount (100%) will be deposited to this account, whichever value is less.
      • Percentage of Net Pay - A specified percentage of your net pay will be deposited to this direct deposit account.
      • Flat Dollar Amount or $0 - A specified dollar amount will be deposited to this direct deposit account. The dollar amount specified will only be deposited to this account if your remaining net pay is equal to or greater than the value specified.
      • All Except a Specific Amount - The remainder of your net pay, minus the specified dollar amount, will be deposited to this account. This option should be used in conjunction with another (lower priority) direct deposit account

  1. If you have more than one direct deposit account, make sure that your allocation Amounts add up. Best practice is to allocate a flat dollar amount to a priority 1 account, and a 100% of what is left to the priority 2 account.

  1. Click Save to create the new direct deposit account, a success dialog opens to let you know that an account has been added


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