The Payentry® App 2.3

Version 2.2 of the Payentry® app brings My Payentry® (ESS) to your phone. View your employee information, edit your contact, direct deposit, and deduction information, view pay history, tax information, and punch in and request time off directly from your phone or tablet! 


To help you get started, please see:



You may also view and download our how-to PDF guides here: How-To Guides

App Features:


  • Pay History - view pay history, download PDFs of the pay stub, view year to date information, and personal earnings statements.
  • Time Management - on the Punch tab: punch in and out, switch department location and/or job, with an optional comment section.
  • Employee - view employee contact information, status/position, accruals, direct deposits, and deductions. You may also edit contact, direct deposit, and deductions if your company has enabled the functionality.
  • Documents - view and download tax forms (W-2s and 1095C).
  • Settings - switch companies (for multi-company users only), privacy notice, feedback, rate the app, and log out of the app.






Employee Details


The Payentry® app can be used to view the following information about the employee:


  • Contact Information
  • Status and Position
  • Accruals
  • Direct Deposit Account(s)
  • Deductions
  • Pay History
  • Tax Forms

And edit the following information if the company has the functionality enabled:




Time Management


The Payentry® app can be used, in conjunction with Payentry Time Management, by the employee to:

  • Submit in/out punches. See how to: Punch In and Out with the Payentry® App.
  • Record approximate location where punches are submitted.
  • Select a department when punching in/out with.
  • Select a job when punching in/out.


You may also request time off in the Payentry App's Time Off Tab, see how to:



As well as view your Schedule and Timecard.





Kiosk Clock

Using the Payentry® app as a time clock: