Reprint Checks

The Reprint Checks tab allows you to reprint paychecks. If you access this screen through the payroll manager, you can only reprint checks for your specified company.

Table 2-255: Reprint Checks Tab Fields
Field Description
Select the Company Code Specifies the company in which to reprint checks for. This option is only available if you are accessing this tab outside of the Payroll Manager.
Select the Check Date Process Specifies the check date and the process number of the check to reprint.
Type of Checks to Reprint Specifies whether to reprint paychecks of miscellaneous checks.
Select Range of Checks to Reprint Specifies whether to reprint checks that are in a certain check number, document number, or voucher number range. Or, you can specify to reprint all paychecks of a certain type.
Select Printer Specifies the printer in which the checks will print.
Force Creation of GLClosed General Ledger Entries

Specifies whether to create GL Entries if they do not already exist. If the checks were written off a service bureau bank account, the GL Entries have generally been made.

Important: Checking this check box can cause duplicate journal entries in the service bureau general ledger.

Submit Reprint Job Now Reprints the checks as defined by the criteria specified above. For more information, see Reprint Paychecks.