CMS PBJ Functionality

Millennium® 3, legacy Payentry®, and Payentry® Next Gen both offer support for the updated requirements of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Payroll-Based Journal (CMS PBJ). These fields are used to submit payroll data to the government for companies that work in the medical fields. By using Payentry®, you can generate PBJ files that can be filed directly with CMS. These files contain data on all applicable employees in your configuration.

The information that is included in the PBJ file:

Table 2-108: PBJ Contents
Field Description
ID Value used to identify the employee. This is not the same value as the Millennium® 3 or Payentry® employee ID, and is not the Social Security Number. Millennium® 3 automatically assigns and maintains this value. An employer can override the value used by Millennium® on the Employees > [Name of Employee] > Miscellaneous tab.
Hire Date Date in which the employee was hired by the company.
Termination Date Date in which the employee was terminated from the company, if applicable.
Days Worked Record of the dates, the number of hours worked on each date, and the job performed by the employee.